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The 66 anniversary of Nakba


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An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale was noticed offshore of the Greek Island of Creta in the Mediterranean early Monday, according to Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

The Palestinian society is considered a young society where the percentage of children is high and the percentage of the elderly is relatively low, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said Sunday.

Palestines story at the United Nations began on 29 November 1947, with the UN General Assemblys (UNGA) adoption of Resolution 181. The so-called Partition Resolution proposed, for first time in history, to divide a homeland into two states. Seven full decades since the adoption of this resolution, the Palestinian people, whether in exile or under occupation, has continued to suffer the consequences of the lack of international action in order to fulfill their inalienable rights.


  • 2017-08-28
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In May 2013, scientists recorded in the observatory of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii a concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere above 400 parts per million (ppm), breaking a record of three million years. Such CO2 levels on the planet had not been seen since the Pliocene period, 3-5 million years ago, long before the human species appeared on earth. These CO2 levels are likely the highest in the past 20 million years. From observations of air bubbles trapped in the Antarctic ice, scientists know that for at least 800,000 years CO2 levels in the atmosphere fluctuated in a narrow deviation of 180 ppm in the glacial periods to 280 ppm in the interglacial periods.

The Dilemmas of Palestinian Economy under the Occupation and Oslo Restrictions

  • 2017-07-23
  • Written by Khaled Ata , Translated by Alhourriah English Staff

In the last week of April 2017, Moshe Kahlon, the Israeli Minister of Finance, announced his plan to reduce poverty. This plan is closely related to the inhabitants of Palestinian Bank and Gaza Strip, by reducing the customs and taxes on clothing, footwear and cellular products, which an issue that has been discussed with senior officials of the Palestinian Authority in recent weeks, according to a plan that has been previously sent to the PA, which was the basis of research for various details.

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled new tools intended to democratize artificial intelligence by enabling machine smarts to be built into software from smartphone games to factory floors.

With Trump the game and the negotiation rules changed

  • 2017-02-05
  • Written by : Moatasem Hamada , translated by : Ibrahim Motlaq & Rawan Albash

Jerusalem , the settlement, the two-state solution , the direct bilateral negotiations: are old titles for new concepts .

The human plight and tragedy that has befallen on the Palestinian people in 1948, a devastating tragedy was expelled and displaced from land seized by Israel as about 957 thousand Palestinian Arabs, representing 66.0% of the total Palestinians who were living in historic Palestine on the eve of the war of 1948, according to estimates in 1950.

Israels military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) is the most persistent military occupation on earth. But this 35-year-old occupation is only the second stage in the colonization of the land of Canaan. The first stage, between 1947-1949, generated the largest population of refugees still unsettled since World War Two, with the longest displacement in modern history. Until recently, two competing accounts of this catastrophic event existed. The first version, advocated by Israeli leaders, holds that the native Palestinians left present day Israel of their own free will or through the encouragement of their leaders. This version even indicates that Israeli leaders desired the Palestinian people to stay within Israels borders. The second version, reported by the Palestinian refugees themselves, is that they were ethnically cleansed before, during and after the 1948 war. In their lexicon, the expulsion became known as Al-Naqba (the Catastrophe) and is the most traumatic event in Palestinian recorded history. More recently, Israeli historians, such as Ilan Papp, Benny Morris, Zeev Sternhall, Avi Shlaim, Simha Flapan, and Tom Segev, have debunked the established Israeli myths of Israels creation. Using Israeli archives and declassified material, they were able to discover much of the hidden history of Zionism and they reveal a factual account of the establishment of Israel.

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