The first printed issue of "Al Hourriah magazine" (Freedom) was published in Beirut on 01/04/1960, speaking as the "Arab Nationalist Movement."

- In 02/22/1969 the magazine start speaking for the left movement, representing the " Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine ," on the Palestinian level and on the Lebanese level as the " Communist Action Organization in Lebanon ."

- In the spring of 1977 the magazine only spoke for The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)

- With Israel's invasion of Lebanon, the magazine closed its offices in Beirut and began publishing in Cyprus on a temporary basis.

- The magazine returned to Beirut, with another main office in Damascus, including editor's family- on a temporary basis as well.

- Al Hourriah is published weekly in 20 pages - Parts tabloid - and distributed in Lebanon, Syria and other Arab countries and around the world.

- The concessionaire: Dar Al- Arabi progress of the press, printing and publishing.