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The transition from division to apportionment does not establish a reconciliation that leads to a national unity, but creates new crises that are a form of division.

The costs of Israeli- Palestinian conflict pdf

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Washington asks the Palestinian negotiator and its political reference to declare his pre-acceptance to enter into negotiations with the Israeli side, and to disregard the rules and objectives of these negotiations, only because the US administration wants that!

The 66 anniversary of Nakba


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The First Intifada showed that if we stay silent, we lose

  • 2017-12-10
  • By Mariam Barghouthi
  • Reading : 9

Palestine experiences a plethora of daily human rights violations by the Israeli occupation. However, the soundtrack of gunshots, teargas thrown between homes, the armoured jeeps doors closing behind detained Palestinians, and the violence screaming at us in the form of land annexation and discrimination is not new.

A Reverberation of Meir Kahanes Fascist They Must Go Cry

  • 2017-12-10
  • By Safa Othmani
  • Reading : 11

Wednesday, December 6, 2017, marks a moment of an unparalleled furor that has made its way deep into the hearts of the Palestinians and Arabs. It was with tears of bitterness and sighs of wrath that the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and decolonization activists around the world received Trumps notorious declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of the self-proclaimed Israeli State, reversing decades of American foreign policy.

Its time the international community stood up for Palestine children

  • 2017-12-10
  • By Pro. Kamel Hawwash
  • Reading : 10

Israels mistreatment of Palestinian children is not a new development but rather one example of its many breaches of international law and international humanitarian law. While it has in the past faced criticisms for its maltreatment of Palestinian children, particularly in relation to minors that are taken into custody and brought before its military courts, this has not been matched with solid action.

Israels nuclear weapons make the world a more dangerous place

  • 2017-12-04
  • Asa Winstanley
  • Reading : 30

Privately, it has been well understood by US officials since the 1960s that Israel has the capacity to build its own nuclear weapons. Publicly, Israel has a policy of not confirming or denying its nuclear stockpile, even though by now it is a well-established fact.

Africas solidarity is a major pillar in the Palestinian struggle

  • 2017-11-30
  • By Mousa Abu Marzouq
  • Reading : 42

This is a year of painful anniversaries for the Palestinian people. One hundred years ago Arthur Balfour with the stroke of a colonial pen declared Palestine a Jewish homeland, thus beginning Zionisms colonial onslaught in our country.

Fewer symbolic gestures and more action is needed for Palestine

  • 2017-11-30
  • By Faiez Jacobs
  • Reading : 37

For the past 50 years, Israels occupation of Palestine and control of Palestinian lives in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem has, terrifyingly, become an accepted part of our international political landscape. So too, has the humiliating permit regime that controls every aspect of Palestinian life from cradle to grave; detention without trial; torture; home demolitions and the ongoing theft of Palestinian land. Israels occupation and colonisation of Palestine has become ever-more entrenched, because the world refuses to take effective action.

Rafah crossing and the impossibility of leaving Gaza

  • 2017-11-29
  • By Muhammad Shehada
  • Reading : 30

After three days of an exceptional opening of Gaza's only gate to the outside world, the Rafah border crossing, Palestinians are - again - locked up behind the giant concrete walls of the blockade; their only way out is paying the unaffordable bribe for the "coordinated passage".

If in the past there were attempts to disguise political collusion against Palestine, it is no longer the case. Whether the topic is reconciliation or the two-state compromise, Israel blatantly stands out as the prime concern for the UN. A reading of UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenovs comments, which were included in a UN press release regarding the recent reconciliation talks in Cairo, is testimony of such a dynamic.

The consequences of symbolic recognition of Palestine

  • 2017-11-25
  • Ramona Wadi
  • Reading : 40

Seeking recognition of Palestine has been one of the Palestinian Authoritys diplomatic strategies which lose significance when juxtaposed against Mahmoud Abbass collaboration with the Israeli occupation. Behind statements of recognition lies silence and the tacit acceptance of Israels colonisation of Palestinian land and forced displacement of the indigenous people. Other than the obsolete two-state paradigm, there has been little discussion of what such recognition actually means in practice, or whether it could generate a tangible outcome for Palestinians.