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The official leadership has begun a new chapter of free concessions in a futile bet that the solution is coming from Trump's administration.

The costs of Israeli- Palestinian conflict pdf

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Trump's return to the previous administration's files, confirms the extension of the US track on the settlement.

The 66 anniversary of Nakba


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  • 2017-06-22
  • By Simon Henderson
  • Reading : 30

The Sunni Gulf powers have long been spoiling for a fight with Iran, and this could be just the excuse they need.


  • 2017-06-18
  • By Matthew Levitt and Katherine Bauer
  • Reading : 22

Doha is overdue in aggressively targeting terror financiers, but addressing the latest batch of regional al-Qaeda designations could go a long way toward easing Gulf tensions.


  • 2017-06-11
  • By Lori Plotkin Boghardt, Simon Henderson, Matthew Levitt, and Katherine Bauer
  • Reading : 100

To prevent escalation and preserve American interests in the Gulf, Washington should consider various steps on the diplomatic, military, energy, and counterterrorism fronts.

Why the campaign against Qatar is doomed

  • 2017-06-08
  • David Hearst
  • Reading : 44

It has been apparent for some time that the war against the Islamic State (IS) group and its forebear Al-Qaeda is by no means the only show in town in the Middle East. In fact, for most of the time, the war on terror has been a sideshow.

Tunisias Decentralization Process at a Crossroads

  • 2017-05-21
  • Tasnim Abderrahim
  • Reading : 41

Without a new decentralizing framework, elections for new local councils in Tunisia will not make them more responsive to local concerns.

Egypt Back Under Emergency Law

  • 2017-05-09
  • Sherif Mohy Eldeen
  • Reading : 38

Egypts reinstated state of emergency is ineffective in fighting terrorism and gives security forces yet another excuse to tighten crack down on the opposition.

The Trump administration should treat the Gulf's quiet security cooperation with Israel as an opportunity to counter Iranian and jihadist threats in the region, perhaps even parlaying it into progress on the Palestinian issue.

Arab Women in the Legislative Process

  • 2017-04-29
  • Marwa Shalaby and Laila Elimam
  • Reading : 49

Women continue to face challenges in accessing the higher echelons of political power, but also in playing a more substantive role in the policymaking process.

Lebanese and Palestinian Islamic leaderships in Beirut are discussing the following: Genuine concerns regarding the intention of regional and international actors in exacerbating the sectarian and political divides in Lebanon and other Arab and Islamic countries, in order facilitate the onset of a new war against the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine in the coming weeks. Israel and the US are the lead actors behind this impending danger.

An Overview of Algerias Upcoming Elections

  • 2017-03-05
  • Ahmed Morsy
  • Reading : 72

On May 4, 2017, Algerians will head to polling stations to choose their new members of parliament. On February 4, long-serving president Abdelaziz Bouteflika issued an executive decree calling on the electorate to convene for the parliamentary elections. The decree also called for revising the voter registration list and allowing new voters to register for the upcoming elections. According to the Algerian Ministry of Interior, 21.8 million Algerians were registered to vote in the 2014 presidential elections, and the estimated number for 2017 is 23.3 million registered voters.