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How did the prophecy of the Israeli military editor succeed in telling that the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas would not last more than four months?

The costs of Israeli- Palestinian conflict pdf

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Who separates between the entitlements of 48 and 67, cancels the right of return and does not "win" the State.

The 70 anniversary of Nakba


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  • 2018-06-19
  • by Ghaith al-Omari and Ben Fishman
  • Reading : 21

A new government, delayed tax hikes, and extra Gulf aid can alleviate unrest for now, but such measures cannot mask the kingdom's fundamental need for unpopular economic reforms.

Quarter-million lives at risk in latest battle for Yemen

  • 2018-06-19
  • By Simon Henderson
  • Reading : 16

In a few days, we could all become relative experts on that Red Sea port city, which may have escaped our attention until now

This weeks cabinet decision to put forward a new election law appears to support the view that some members of Sudans ruling National Congress Party (NCP) are planning to ensure that President Omar Al-Bashir will run for a third term in office, will win the forthcoming election in 2020 and, possibly, will remain in office for the rest of his life.

Why Yemen is at war?

  • 2018-06-19
  • Agencies
  • Reading : 18

The battle for the western Yemeni port of Hudaydah could be an important milestone in the three-year civil war. But analysts say the conflict is so complex that even a decisive outcome there might not bring peace.

RIYADH: Troops belonging to a Saudi-led Coalition have intercepted a shipment of money, forged passports and travel documents bound for Houthi militias fighting against Yemens legitimate government, a spokesperson of the Saudi-led Arab coalition said on Monday.

Egypt is the land of the bizarre

  • 2018-06-12
  • Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh
  • Reading : 22

The streets in downtown Cairo were completely shut down and the people were banned from running their errands and attending to their businesses.

Daily reminders of Iraqs tragic state of affairs are brought up across online spaces daily. The trending video of a dishdasha-clad Iraqi citizen, wading through what is left of the River Tigris which is now ankle-deep is just the latest. It shows, for the first time in contemporary history, people crossing the Tigris on foot.

The Jordanian popular movement ended a few days after it began, with many gains and very few losses. It recorded many lessons that the Arab governments and people can learn from.

Who burnt Iraqs votes?

  • 2018-06-11
  • Reading : 24

BAGHDAD: A mysterious fire at a ballot-box storage warehouse in Baghdad was another attempt to rig Iraqs May 12 parliamentary election, leading politicians said on Sunday.

Egypts birth rate drops as economic pressure mounts

  • 2018-06-11
  • Reading : 26

CAIRO: Egypt has claimed a victory in the battle to reduce population growth but experts say a drop in the birth rate reflects the countrys economic woes rather than an effective government policy.