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The peaceful popular resistance is an integrated struggling strategy, which one of its requirements is to stop the security coordination, boycott the Israeli economy and internationalize the national cause and rights.

The costs of Israeli- Palestinian conflict pdf

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Benjamin Netanyahu often repeated before the leadership of his party that the Likud was on its way to decay and perhaps fade away, if he did not take over his leadership in the 2009 Knesset elections, and he transferred it from a small party to the second rank at Knesset, just one seat away from Kadima, which was headed by Tzipi Livni.

The 66 anniversary of Nakba


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Early life physical activity may prevent cognitive decline

  • 2017-08-15
  • By Ana Sandoiu
  • Reading : 30

New research - the results of which have been published in the journal eNeuro - explores the effect of early life exercise on the cognitive health and neuronal activity of adult rats.

Leukemia: Mushroom protein could be used in future treatments

  • 2017-08-14
  • By Maria Cohut
  • Reading : 32

A protein found in the edible mushroom known as "shaggy ink cap" might be able to kill a type of leukemia cell, new research suggests.

Feeling the heat? 7 unorthodox tips to hydrate, cool down

  • 2017-08-13
  • Sudeshna Ghosh
  • Reading : 30

As temperatures soar across our desert lands, what you eat and drink becomes more important than ever in order to ensure you stay cool and hydrated. While cases of dehydration may be rare, low hydration levels also affect our wellbeing in ways you may not know, influencing everything from energy levels, to the digestive system and blood pressure.

Action video games decrease gray matter, study finds

  • 2017-08-08
  • By Maria Cohut
  • Reading : 43

A new study suggests that playing action video games can be detrimental to the brain, reducing the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus. Specialists should exert caution in advising video gameplay to improve cognition, the study authors urge.

Altering human heredity? In a first, researchers safely repaired a disease-causing gene in human embryos, targeting a heart defect best known for killing young athletes a big step toward one day preventing a list of inherited diseases

Japan aims to reduce suicides by 30% in 10 years

  • 2017-07-25
  • News Agencies
  • Reading : 83

Japan aims to cut suicides by 30 percent over 10 years, with the government Tuesday approving a plan which seeks to curb extreme work hours seen as contributing to one of the world's highest suicide rates.

Injectable AIDS drug may work 'as well' as pills: study

  • 2017-07-24
  • News Agencies
  • Reading : 20

A two-drug cocktail injected every month or two may be just as effective as a daily pill at keeping the AIDS virus under control, said a study Monday that promised relief for millions.

Vitamin D may help to treat sunburn, study suggests

  • 2017-07-08
  • Honor Whiteman
  • Reading : 81

Redness, blistering, and soreness are just three of the dreaded symptoms of sunburn. But according to new research, these symptoms could be reduced with a vitamin resulting from sun exposure: vitamin D.

New human trials of a cholesterol-lowering vaccine in Austria may offer hope to people with high cholesterol

US scientists decry use of 2 antimicrobial chemicals

  • 2017-06-21
  • News Agencies
  • Reading : 63

A group of more than 200 scientists and health professionals from around the world issued a statement Tuesday that urged consumers to stop using products that contain two common antimicrobial chemicals.