Tayseer Khaled , Member of the PLO's Executive Committees Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department said in an interview with that the so-called "Century Deal" brokered by the US Administration is not is neither suitable for amendment nor negotiation being rejected in principle, and it is made to liquidate the Palestinian Cause.

Khaled explained that the Palestinian position on the deal is clear and that the decision of the National Council in this regard leaves no room for double standards and blocks the way before the US's sponsorship of the political settlement of the conflict and prevents it from imposing its political vision on the region within regional arrangements that basically meet the common political, security and economic interests of the US and Israel at the expense of the of the Palestinian people and other peoples of the region.

He stressed that any peace process sponsored by the US is Off, and any future negotiations shall be multilateral international sponsorship emanating from an international peace conference that sets the goal of any future negotiations to end the occupation and enables the State of Palestine to exercise its sovereignty over all its territories occupied by the 1967 aggression, and resolve all final status issues on the basis of the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, including the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, from which they were forcibly displaced by brutal military force.

He added, the deal's goals are clear enough in light of the insistence of the US Administration and Israel to off Jerusalem and the refugee issue, which are the central issues of the conflict, and the denial of Palestinian rights, including their right to exercise sovereignty over their lands, in exploiting their natural wealth, developing their economy and liberating them from dependency and subordination to the Israeli economy.

Regarding the alleged American-Israeli plans to improve the situation in the Gaza Strip, Khalid said, "What is being circulated in the media and among the political circles is a wrong, because of the deteriorated living standards and unemployment in the Gaza Strip due to closure on Gaza 12 years ago. Thus, Israel with the successive US Administrations' support keep besieging the Strip and imposed internationally prohibited collective punishment and at the same time sheds crocodile tears on that.  Khalid also noted to the measures and sanctions that the Authority began to apply on the Strip since the beginning of the year, which were raised the suffering of the Gazans, and called for the abolition of such procedures and penalties unconditionally.

He assured that the Gaza Strip is an integral part of Palestine and can be relied upon as a national safe haven in the face of all possibilities, and that it including the West Bank, including Jerusalem is a single territorial unit, and it always holds the national identity in the face of containment guardianship, and that the the Palestinian leadership shall convey the issue of Gaza and its people tragic conditions to the international forums in order to lift the siege, and the cessation of collective punishment imposed on it, and to protect it of crimes committed by the occupation forces including the cold-blood killing against the peaceful demonstrations on the Gaza Strip.