Group 194 issued its monthly report on the situation of Palestinian refugees between 1 and 30 April 2018. The report reads as follows:

Syria :

Day 3/4: " Muhannad Mohammed Al-Ahmad" was martyred and three others were moderately wounded by an explosive device in the countryside of Damascus.

Day 7/4: Two Palestinian refugees were martyred following the ongoing war in Syria: "Abdo Faour Ramadan" from the Sbaina refugee camp in the countryside of Damascus after a mortar shell landed on one of Damascus neighborhoods. And "Mohammed Salah Issa" as a result of military operations in the town of Duma in the countryside of Damascus.

Day 9/4: The Islamic Army organization launched a number of prisoners of the Palestinian Liberation Army in Duma during an agreement with the Syrian government. Names of the released:

"Ahmed Ziad Al-Khatib - Mufeed Majid Kadoura - Ahmed Sabri Shaaban - Mahmoud Adnan Qabeela - Abdel Latif Mahmoud Said - Mohamed Mahmoud Musa".

Day 10/4: Palestinian refugee "Muhammad Adnan Qabea'a" of the Palestine Liberation Army in the eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus.

Day 16/4: Palestinian refugee "Mazen Za'al Musa al-Abdullah" was martyred by the terrorist gangs in Duma.

Palestinian refugee "Salim Hifawi" was martyred by a shell that targeted Al-Zahera neighborhood in Damascus. He was one of the residents of Yarmouk refugee camp.

Day 19/4: The Syrian army and the Palestinian factions have launched a military operation to liberate the southern region of Damascus, including the Yarmouk refugee camp. Since the operation has begun, a number of (civilian and military) Palestinian refugees have died.

Civilians: "Imad al-Rayyan, Saleh Amouri, Jamal Hamid, Mahmoud Amouri, Anas Bassem Amouri , Mohammed Aylouti , Marwan Aqla , Abdel Hadi Ghotani ,Basema Ghotani , Mohammed Hadba , Haifa Al-Haj , Walid Al-Wazir - Insherah Al-Shaabi , Salah Al-Abayat , Mohammed Al-Hindi , Abdul Rahman Alaydi , Majd Awad , Ahmed Azima , Muhannad Amouri".

Military: "Khalil Ibrahim , Mizar Mohammed , Mohamed Halawa , Ahmed Qassem , Mohammed Badawi , Yassin Maatouk , Fouad Ghazi ,Ammar Mohammed , Firas Zeinab - Khalid Ahmed".

Day 23/4: The Refugee Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) called for a halt to the shelling and violence in Yarmouk refugee camp, which resulted in the deaths of many Palestinian martyrs and wounded, in addition to the destruction of buildings and facilities. Dr. Zakaria Al Agha, the Director of the Department stressed the need to mobilize all efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the camp's residents, who have been suffering in terms of shelter, medical and food items, especially in light of the interruption of the services of the Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital(Palestine) and the inability of UNRWA to provide the necessary relief and health care, as the population in the camp and surrounding areas trapped amid bloody clashes and violent shelling from the conflicting parties of the most urgent for these humanitarian services, where Al-Aga called for the need to grant UNRWA and other humanitarian organizations full facilities to provide the necessary assistance . He criticized the exposure of the camp residents for this tragedy and violence despite all previous calls to neutralize Palestinian refugees from the conflict , ongoing in Syria and to protect them.

Day 29/4: An agreement was reached between the Syrian government and the Nasra Front to get out of its control areas of Yarmouk camp.


Day 6/4: The residents of the Beddawi refugee camp in northern Lebanon, held a sit-in in the camp, in support of the return march in Gaza at the invitation of student forces, in the presence of representatives of the Palestinian factions , members of popular committees, institutions, clubs and youth organizations and a large crowd of residents of the camp. Palestinian flags were raised in the sit-in and there where words delivered, which stressed the standing of refugees in the diaspora with the people of Gaza, and their support for them to face the Zionist aggression.

Day  13/4: Palestinian camps in Beirut carried out rallies and sit-ins in support of the great return march, "Friday of the burning of the Zionist flag". These rallies included speeches  and burning of Zionist entity flags in addition to yells condemning the crimes of the enemy and confirming the right of the Palestinian people to return to its land. As in Burj Al-Barajneh camp, the "Crisis Cell" of factions and institutions, organized a solidarity sit-in with the march of return and prisoners, the speech of the factions was delivered by "Abu Jaber Al-Lubani", member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in which he praised the struggle of the Palestinian people, who goes out every day to the streets to confront the Zionist enemy in order to recover its land , and he called on the Arab summit to take decisions to the level of the aspirations and sacrifices of the Palestinian people, and cut off all forms of relations with the enemy. He also called on the international community, especially the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations, "to implement all decisions taken for the return of the people Palestinian", and in the end the Zionist flag was burned.

In the Shatila camp, factions, activists and institutions organized a march in support of the march of return, which ran out the streets of the camp to the courtyard of the People's Hall in the camp. The participants burned the Zionist flag.

In the Mar Elias camp, the residents organized a solidarity stand, included the burning of the Zionist flag, on the sounds of Palestinian national anthems.

In the camp of Al-Buss, the national and Islamic forces held a stand in support of our people in occupied Palestine in the "Friday of burning the Zionist flag", the Palestinian factions' word was  delivered by "Abu Hadi Abdel-Al", in which he called on the Palestinian people in all its components and Arab countries to keep pace with all moves of the return march and support it .

Day  20/4: the people of the Mar Elias refugee camp in Beirut held a stand in support of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails on the Friday of "Martyrs and Prisoners", as part of the Greater Return March. The participants carried the Palestinian flags, chanting slogans of national songs, the children of the camp also raised pictures of the Palestinian prisoners, and the participants stressed their categorical rejection of the arrogance of the occupation, expressing their pride in what the prisoners do, stressing the right of refugees in the diaspora to return to the land of Palestine.

Day  27/4: the Palestinian factions and the Popular Committees in Burj al-Shamali camp organized a protest rally in support of the Palestinian return marches , in adherence to national unity and in rejection to the policy of normalization with the Zionist enemy under the title " the anger and challenge stand".

Gaza and the West Bank:

Day  3/4: violent confrontations broke out in Shu'fat refugee camp, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, during which the Israeli occupation forces fired a barrage of sound bombs. During the incursion the occupation soldiers  removed signs, doors and windows for shops , broke some cars in the camp and ruined the gas stations in the camp.

Day  6/4: 10 Palestinians were martyred and 1070 wounded during the (Friday of caoutchouc) clashes that took place in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Palestinians poured into the area, adjacent to the borders between Gaza and the Occupied Territories. Clashes broke out in several areas, protesters set tires on fire and threw stones and empty bottles at armored military vehicles . The Israeli army responded by firing heavy gas and tear gas, and warned that it will not allow the security fence on the borders with Gaza to be touched. The protests were not limited to in Gaza where several cities and towns in the West Bank witnessed demonstrations against the occupation

Day  9/4: Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men from Al-Arroub refugee camp in the north of Hebron. The Israeli occupation forces positioned at the entrance of the Palestine Technical University, Al-Arroub College. Local sources reported that Israeli forces positioned opposite Al-Arroub refugee camp arrested "Ahmad Zuhair Abu Wardeh" and "Safwat Muhammad Hassan al-Adawi", and took them into the military tower opposite the camp.

Day  14/4: Local sources reported that Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-Arroub refugee camp in the north of Hebron, causing a confrontation. The Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the citizens.

Day  20/4: on the fourth Friday of the great march of return, the activities of (Friday of Martyrs and Prisoners) began and hundreds of citizens returned to the return camps set up in five areas in the Gaza Strip, 700 meters away from the separation fence with Israel. As a result: 4 martyrs and 645 wounded and 241 inhaled gas. 

Day  24/4: 14 citizens were injured during confrontations after Israeli occupation forces stormed the Shu'fat refugee camp northeast of Jerusalem.

Day  25/4: the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of the young journalist "Ahmad Abu Hussein" from wounds sustained on Friday, March 13, by the Israeli occupation. "Abu Hussein", from Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, was shot by an explosive bullets in the abdomen by the Israeli army, during his press coverage of the major return marches in the area of ​​Abu Safiya in the northern Gaza Strip, on the Friday of  "raising the flag", where the Israeli occupation forces fired at the journalists directly.

Day  27/4: three citizens were martyred and 350 young men were wounded by live bullets and suffocation along the border strip of the Gaza Strip on (Friday of the rebellious youth), as a result of the Israeli occupation forces firing at the peaceful protesters. The spokesman for Ministry of Health, Dr. "Ashraf al-Qadra" reported that : 3 citizens were martyred, including two unknown persons, east of Gaza City. The third martyr from Khuza'a area, east of Khan Yunis, "Abd Al-Salam Bakr" 29 . While more than 350 others were injured, including three serious cases arrived from east Gaza to Shifa hospital . Among the casualties, 11 were from the medical and journalistic staff.

Day  30/4:  angry youths closed the UNRWA office in Al-Fawar refugee camp in Hebron because of the reduction of UNRWA's services to poor families. They expelled the staff from the services office, closed the doors and placed signs indicating that it was closed until further notice. "The agency's office was providing relief services to poor families every month and stopped," said "Ali al-Sarhneh", one of the protesters. He told the families that he would distribute food parcels  to the poor every three months and wondered about how can the poor survive. Everyone should intervene. This is a conspiracy against our historic right , the right of return and the Palestinian refugees. "

The Diaspora:

Day 14/4:  Palestinians in Vienna celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the Land Day at a festival, while the Palestinians in the Danish city of Aghos held a sit-in, confirming their support for the return march. The festival was organized in Vienna by the Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists, the Austrian-Arab Friendship Association, the Arab-Austrian Forum and the Handala Cultural Club. In his speech, the President of the Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists, Dr. Shadi Abu Daher confirmed the adherence to the Palestinian land that is under the Zionist occupation and settlement.

In the Danish city of Aghos, the Palestinian Forum in cooperation with a number of Palestinian and Arab associations held a solidarity stand with the Gaza Strip. The participants raised the Palestinian flags, stressing their adherence to the right of return to Palestine and they called for an end to the violations of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian demonstrators near the barbed-wire fence in the Gaza Strip. The protesters called for Arab and international intervention to pressure the occupation to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip and end the suffering of the Palestinians in it. The sit-in comes within the Palestinian events and protests in the European continent in solidarity with the march of return, which was called for, by the European campaign to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Day 23/4:  the European Coalition for the Support of Palestinian Prisoners and the Palestinian Communities organized a series of events in several German and Belgian cities in solidarity with the prisoners and in support for the great march of return in the Gaza Strip. The Coalition said that since the Land Day the Palestinian communities have begun to prepare for solidarity activities, starting with a seminar on the current Palestinian situation in Cologne city, which discussed what can be done to reach to the level of the event and suggested coordination with the communities of western Germany to escalate these activities and put a weekly program for these moves. The Palestinian community in the city of Bonn in Germany, in cooperation with the BDS organized a successful demonstration in the downtown of Bonn city with the participation of many German activists and communities in a distinguished journalist presence . The Palestinian community in the Cologne city organized a mass rally on the Dom Square which drew the attention of the public from many international countries and the West Bank, where Palestinian flags and slogans of solidarity with the march of return and with the brave prisoners, were raised. In the same context, dozens of Palestinian activists gathered with an European participation in Brussels on the anniversary of the prisoner's day, raising slogans that greet the prisoners and call for the internationalization of their cause, along with a Palestinian delegation from inside the West Bank. A number of solidarity speeches were delivered to the Brussels Municipality and the Belgian-Palestinian Friendship Society.

"Hamdan Al-Dhameery" also addressed the Palestinian community in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In the speech of the European Coalition, "Dr. Khaled Al-Hamad", stressed on the internationalization of the issue of prisoners, explaining the intention of the coalition to hand over the second complaint(on the sabotage of the contents of Abu Jihad Center for the Heritage of the captive movement by the occupation) to the International Criminal Court. The stand included youth and children popular Dabkeh shows. The solidarity activities extended to include the city of Koblenz, Kolon and Bukhum to reach to the south of Germany in Munich. The Palestinian – community in Germany and the European Alliance issued statements in Arabic and European languages to deliver the Palestinian voice to the ears of the European community.

Day 24/4:  Hundreds of residents of Al Wihdat camp in Jordan participated in the festival , organized by Al Wihdat Charity Association in cooperation with the Initiative of Sanabel AL-Hourriah team, in commemoration of the Palestinian Prisoners' Day. In the festival, which was titled the "Prisoner Day" the participants raised pictures of Palestinian prisoners and signs demanding their release. They called for the international intervention to improve their conditions in the Israeli occupation prisons and work for their liberation. During the festival, the mother of captive "Raafat A'sous" sent a message to the United Nations and the human rights organizations to intervene in order to enable the prisoners to obtain their freedom and salvation.


Day 3/4:  the hospitals , contracted with UNRWA in Lebanon were told that the "SHC" patients and the beneficiaries of the fund of "care" will be treated like other refugees due to the failure of the Care Fund to pay. These patients, since the beginning of last April, have been obliged to pay the hospital bill like other refugees in Lebanon, which has aroused the resentment of many camp residents who have seen this step as a failure to take into account their difficult economic situations and special hardship cases.

Day 23/4: UNRWA disbursed monthly aid to the Palestinian refugees, displaced from Syria to Lebanon , through the ATM cards, allocated for aid . A sum of $ 100 per family was paid as rent, in addition to $ 27 per to each family member as food allowance. It should be noted that the number of Palestinian refugees, displaced from Syria to Lebanon, is estimated at 31,000, according to the UNRWA statistics, until the end of 2016.


Day 20/4: the United Arab Emirates announced two aid packages in support of the Palestinian cause, worth $ 70 million, of which $ 20 million would be allocated to the "Islamic Awqaf" in Jerusalem and $ 50 million to the UNRWA.

Day 24/4: the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that its country would provide an emergency financial assistance of US $ 10 million to the (UNRWA) following the freeze by the United States of a large part of its contributions to the Organization. According to a statement by the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, this support is part of Japan's plan to assist six UN organizations operating in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.


Day 1/4: The Palestinian Democratic Youth Union "PDYU"  organized the "Land and Return" show on the Lebanese-Palestinian borders, in the town of Maroun al-Ras, in commemoration of the Land Day and in honor of the martyrs of the return march. The participants started a symbolic funeral procession for the martyrs of the march in Gaza Strip, carrying symbolic coffins of martyrs, amid chants confirmed their attachment to the land and vowed to continue to resist until the return. During the event, words were delivered which stressed that "the anniversary of the Day of the land will remain immortal in the hearts and consciences of our Palestinian people, and we must continue the path that the martyrs, prisoners and wounded have paved, the road of unity, ending the division and escalating the Intifada and resistance in all its forms .The words called on the official Palestinian leadership," to rise to the level of the great event(which has been made by the masses of our people with their sacrifices and precious blood) leave the policy of hesitation and waiting and move towards effective policy in field and in international forums, that works to safeguard the rights of our people, de-legitimize the occupation, and isolate the Zionist entity. "

Day 1/4: the Secondary and Preparatory Students' section in the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union "PDYU" in Naher AL-Bared camp organized a solidarity meeting entitled :"Palestine in memory" with the attendance of: Comrade Abu Staif, a member of the DFLP in Lebanon, representatives of the Palestinian factions and the popular committee, representatives of student forces, social institutions and civil society , a large crowd of student organizations, national and social events, a crowd of comrades , a large crowd of student organizations, national and social events and the participation of the "PDYU" scout group in AL-Bared camp, who played the welcome ceremony after standing a minute of silence greeting the martyrs with the national anthem played. Comrades Tariq Nasser and Zina Abdel Rahim in Nahr al-Bared camp welcomed all the participants and greeted the martyrs of the Land Day, whose pure blood watered the land of the homeland. The word of the "PDYU" was delivered by Comrade Jamal Al-Sabeini, Secretary of the Secondary and Preparatory Students' section in Al-Bared camp, in which he pointed to the Palestinian popular confrontation that took place in many Palestinian villages and cities and attempts by the Zionist occupation to seize on their lands and expel them. A number of martyrs fell on; whose blood watered the land of the homeland. Until this day, our people continues to offer precious for the sake of its homeland, Palestine. Al-Sabeini talked about the events of the anniversary this year, amidst the Arab regimes' silence towards the so-called the deal of the century, declared by the idiot Trump who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the state of the Zionists and the transfer of the US embassy to it.

Al-Sabeini also called the Palestinian leadership to unite to face this deal and end the Palestinian division, because by our unity we win over this brutal enemy. Then a group of children of the Center for the reinforcement in AL-Najdeh Association presented the national Dabke, in addition to a documentary film talking about suffering of the Palestinian people since 1948. At the end of the meeting, Comrade Abu Radwan Rashid, born in the town of Safouria, presented the Balfour group, the struggle of our people, the importance of the land and its preservation and the education of future generations to love the homeland.