Group 194 issued its monthly report on the situation of Palestinian refugees between 1 and 31 March 2018. The report reads as follows:


On 4 March, Palestinian refugee "Wadeea'a Nemer Al-Masri" died due to military operations on the outskirts of Daraa refugee camp in southern Syria. Sources indicated that a shell landed on the area of "Shamal Alkhat" under the control of the Syrian army. Which resulted to kill the Palestinian refugee " Wadeea'a ", a displaced person from Daraa camp to Daraa al-Mahatta.

On 5 March, "Zakaria Sawwan", a resident of Khan Dannoun Palestinian refugee camp in the countryside of Damascus, a member of Palestine Liberation Army, was martyred due to the military operations in Syria.

On 6 March, Palestinian refugee "Nour Fatih Babeker Ahmed" was martyred, and her mother "Ahlam Sa'id Al-Ghwaini" and "Saif Saleh Awad Al-Tantour" were injured, when a mortar shell landed on the city of Jaramana near Damascus. The victim, her mother and the wounded refugee, are Palestinians ,that have been displaced from Iraq to Syria, and residents of Jaramana. It is noteworthy to mention that about 4 Palestinian refugees in the city of Jaramana and its camp, died by mortar shelling in 3 weeks, namely: children "Qusay Hammadi Mohammed"(14 years) , "Bahaa Eddin Muhannad Hammadi Mohammed "(15 Year-old) , the refugee "Zuhair Berro", as well as the refugee "Nour Fatih Babeker Ahmed".

On 11 March, Palestinian refugee "Shadi Adnan Al-Numeis" was martyred by a mortar shell fired by the armed groups on the "Shagour" area in Damascus.

Local sources reported that the seven-month-old girl, "Qater Al-Nada", died of acute pulmonary bleeding due to the inability of doctors to treat her in Yarmouk refugee camp, that because the Lack of medical care. The sources indicated that the condition of the girl , required to be moved to a hospital in Damascus for treatment, but because of the lack of it, that led to the death of the girl.

On 13 March, Palestinian refugee "Mohammed Mahmoud Hassan" a member of the Palestine Liberation Army, was martyred as a result of the ongoing battles in the farms of Al Rayhan in Eastern Ghouta.

On 14 March, the " Palestine Liberation Army " mourned its members "Ayman Saber Diab" and "Muhammad Yasir al-Khatib", who were martyred by the fighting in Ghouta.

A Palestinian refugee, "Fadi Khaled Yousef" , was martyred at the entrance of Yarmouk camp in Damascus. He died due to the clashes with members of the "ISIS" in the camp.

On 16 March, "Mustafa Omar Mohammed" a member of the Palestinian Liberation Army and a resident of the Nayrab refugee camp in Aleppo, was martyred because of the military operations in the town of Jisreen in the eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside.

On 17 March, Palestinian refugee "Ayman Hussein Shehadeh" died due to the military operations against "ISIS" in the south of Damascus.

Palestinian child "Mar'ea Suleiman" (6 years) was martyred because of the military operations in Yarmouk refugee camp south of Damascus.

On 18 March, Palestinian child "Hamza Gheyath Al-Motlaq" (16 years old) was martyred in Yarmouk refugee camp by a mortar shell.

Palestinian refugee "Ghazi Adnan Ghazi" died due to the clashes in Al-Qadam in the countryside of Damascus, between "ISIS" on the one hand and the Syrian army on the other.

On 19 March, Palestinian refugee "Wassim Al-Sa'adi" died as a result of the ongoing fighting in Syria.

On 20 March, Palestinian refugee "Mohammed Hassan" (Abu Hamza) was martyred by a mortar shell that landed while he was in the Zablatani area in Damascus.

Palestinian refugee "Nour Al-Din Hasan Hasan" (born in 1987) died of his wounds , by mortar shells on the Keshkul area in the Duelaa east of Damascus. The refugee "Nidal Abdel-Raouf Darwish" also died.

Palestinian refugee "Abdullah Amin Tamim" from the Palestine Liberation Army, was martyred as a result of the ongoing battles in the farms of Al Rayhan in Eastern  Ghouta.

On 22 March, Palestinian refugee, "Mohammed Adel Abdel Hafiz Al-Madani", was martyred due to the military operations in Al-Qadam, south of Damascus, from the Jaramana refugee camp in Damascus.

On 26 March, Palestinian refugee "Ahmad Kenan Al-Jahwani" died of the fighting in the eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus.

On 27 March, Palestinian refugee "Yasser Mohammed Issa" from the camp of Sayeda Zeinab in the countryside of Damascus, died by the ongoing fighting in the eastern Ghouta.

On 1 March, Press sources told that "ISIS" prevented the departure of teachers from Yarmouk camp to the neighboring town of Yilda, the organization asked the teachers to visit its security office inside the camp, and took punitive procedures against them because they are sinners and need to repent as "ISIS" claim. In the meantime, the educational process deteriorated in 2017, as a result of the unjust decisions taken by "ISIS", which tightened the grip on the teachers and negatively affected on about 1500 students inside Yarmouk camp. As on August 3, 2016, the organization issued a decision to close all schools in Yarmouk camp, and prevent the teaching staff from doing their work but only by the permission of the organization.

On 28 March, the Syrian Palestinian Professor "Abdel Karim Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Khatib", from Khan Al-Sheih refugee camp in the countryside of Damascus, who is living in Nahr al-Bared camp, received the first prize from Ramallah as the best-distinguished teacher in northern Lebanon in 2017, as a result, of his use of innovative and effective teaching practices, in order to improve students' grades and behavior, and help them to excel.

On 30 March, the children of the Nayrab and Khan Danoun camps in Syria commemorated the 42nd anniversary of "Land Day", in which the residents of the two camps took part in a demonstration to affirm the right of the Palestinian people (to return to its homeland, and to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital) and to denounce the deal of the century and the decision of US President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist occupation, rejecting the policy of waiver or abandonment of land and sanctities, and that the accelerated schemes of occupation in the imposition of a fait accompli through the Judaization and the settlement, will not succeed in breaking the will of the Palestinian people or changing the historical facts.

On 31 March, on the 41st anniversary of Land Day, dozens of people of the Homs camp residents organized a solidarity rally in support of the return march in Palestine, during which the participants raised the flags of Palestine and a sample for the Dome of the Rock Mosque and slogans calling for steadfastness and repatriation.


On 2 March, the "Jerusalem cell" organized a sit-in, during the extensive meeting of the factions, associations, towns and sports clubs in Burj al-Barajneh camp, in front of the (UNRWA) clinic , refusing to curtail the educational, health, social and other services. The sitters raised signs , condemning the American policy that supporting the enemy, which works to end the work of UNRWA, the only witness to the Palestinian cause, asserting its adherence to Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine . All Palestine from the river to the sea.

The Educational Committee of the Popular Committee and the kindergartens in Beddawi camp, held a solidarity sit-in with the prisoners in the Zionist prisons, especially the children, in front of the headquarter of the International Red Cross in Tripoli, in the presence of a number of members of the Popular Committees and factions in the north , the speech of the Educational Committee delivered by its official, "Abu Mamdouh Rantisi", who called for freedom for all prisoners in the prisons of the enemy, especially children, women and the sick.

On 4 March, the clashes that took place in the camp of Rashidiyeh, in the south of Tire led  to the death of two people, "Nour Deeb" and his brother "Saeed Deeb", and five others were injured. Five houses and a commercial store were also burned. It was reported that the Lebanese army mobilized its members at the entrance to the camp, it was said also that the panic spread in the camp amid heavy gunfire with machine guns and grenades.

On 5 March, the Charitable Organization for the Relief of the Palestinian People, in cooperation with Qitaf Foundation, distributed winter clothes to a number of Palestinian families, displaced from Syria to the Rashidieh camp in the city of Tire, in order to alleviate their economic and material burdens.

On 6 March, dozens of representatives of civil associations and institutions working in the Palestinian society gathered in a sit-in in front of the office of the Director of UNRWA , in the Ein al-Hilweh refugee camp, announcing their rejection of the American decisions, particularly the decision to reduce the Agency's financial aid and the resulting reductions in services. This sit-in was called for by the "consultative meeting of civil associations and institutions working in the Palestinian society, during which banners calling on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities fully in the care of refugees and provide a decent life for them until the time to return to Palestine, were raised.

On 7 March, clashes broke out in the Shatila refugee camp, led to the killing of "Tarek Khalifa", and the injuring of three others in an individual incident in the camp, in which machine-gun fire was used, as well as throwing bombs and launching a B7 shell.

Dozens of women from Al-Buss refugee camp in south of Lebanon, held a sit-in on the occasion of "International Women's Day" and in rejection to the US President's decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity. The sit-in came at the invitation of the "General Union of Palestinian Women", during which the member of the administrative council of the Union, Zahra Rabea issued a statement, spoke about the importance of the struggle of Palestinian women at home and Diaspora, for freedom and return to the entire Palestinian territories.

On 14 March, the residents of Ein al-Hilweh camp held a sit-in in front of the office of the director of UNRWA in the camp, calling on  the international community to support the Agency and provide the financial support to contribute to the provision of health, education and social services to Palestinian refugees, ahead of the Rome Conference of Donor Countries. The sit-in was held at the invitation of the Palestinian factions and the popular committees in the camp, with the participation of a number of representatives of Palestinian factions, popular committees, unions and women's cadres participated in the camp, as well as large crowds of school students and residents of the camp.

On 15 March, children marched through the streets of the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, carrying signs with slogans calling on those concerned to deal with the phenomenon of the escape of arms, demanding security and protection. and they gave their petition to the "Palestinian factions" to urge them to control the weapons. Which more than once have led to painful clashes and caused panic for children.

On 19 March, a Palestinian girl in the Beddawi refugee camp in Lebanon was seriously wounded by a bullet fired by a member of the Fatah movement in the camp. Local sources in the camp said that "Ali Ghassan Al-Aref", the son of a local leader of the movement , hit the girl during the firing from his pistol randomly, and this fire led to strain the atmosphere in the camp, which prompted the Palestinian security force to deal with the problem and control the situation.

On 27 March, the Commissioner of the European Neighborhood Policy and the Expansion Negotiations, Johannes Han, opened AL-Ramleh school building (UNRWA) for Palestine refugee children in the Badawi camp in the north of Lebanon, after its renovation. The school building was opened during a ceremony attended by students, teachers and representatives of the local Palestinian community, including the popular committees.

On 28 March, on the 43rd anniversary of the Land Day and at the invitation of the Union of Right of Return Committees in Lebanon, a talk meeting was held in the hall of the Palestinian Cultural Center in Ein El-Helweh camp, south of Lebanon, entitled "The Financial Crisis of the UNRWA,  Results and Implications", with the participation of the member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Fathi Kulaib and a number of representatives of the Palestinian factions and popular committees and federations and social institutions and activists. Fathi Kulaib gave a review of the history and the emergence of UNRWA and its services, saying: "The refugees and UNRWA have lived a long struggle during which the refugee issue has witnessed many projects that wanted the Agency to be as a bridge through which the refugees to move to another country. But these projects collapsed by the steadfastness and sacrifices of the poor of the camps who have accompanied the UNRWA in a journey of about seven decades and they cannot imagine their communities without this body, which has stuck to their collective memory entitled the right of return, and any talk about canceling this memory before the return, will only be met by a popular revolution against all those who try to infringe the rights of refugees" .

On 30 March, the "Crisis Cell" and the "Child Protection Network" organized an open day in the Al-Qassam kindergarten, in Burj Al Barajneh camp, in which dozens of children, representatives of Palestinian factions and local community organizations participated. The speeches delivered on the occasion, stressed on the "need to uphold the land, all the Palestinian land, from the river to the sea with Jerusalem as its capital," paying tribute to "the great march of return that terrified the enemy," calling for " continuing in this line to show the world the reality of the Palestinian refugees and their determination to return to their homeland "Palestine", whatever the cost of blood and sacrifices. "

The Palestinian factions and the Popular Committee in Nahr al-Bared organized a march on the occasion of Land Day and to reject Trump's policy of transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem, in which the Palestinian organizations, institutions, faction and the popular committee and movements participated in the camp. The march began in front of the Jerusalem Mosque and ended in the old camp yard.

On the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the Land Day, the political leadership and the Palestinian People's Committees of the National and Islamic Forces organized in Ein El-Hilweh camp, a solidarity stand with our people who rose up in the West Bank, Negev, Sakhnin and others, in front of the martyr Abu Jihad al-Wazir ground in the camp, in the presence of representatives of Palestinian national and Islamic forces, the leadership of the joint Palestinian force, the popular committees, the women's unions, the student offices and a crowd of people.

Hundreds of our Palestinian people in Lebanon went to the border areas with the occupied territories in 1948, within the framework of the great march of return, which is scheduled to continue until May, while others revived the anniversary of the Land Day. The town of Maroun al-Ras at the borders, witnessed a demonstration in which the participants carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans to hold on to Palestine, condemning the practices of the enemy and stressing that the American decisions and the Arab support for the Zionist entity will not withstand before the will of Palestinians in the restoration of their rights. The attendees also condemned the Trump decision on Jerusalem, saying it was a dead letter.

In the Galilee camp, the Palestinian factions organized a mass rally in the Bekaa area in front of the "Bilal bin Rabah" mosque and speeches, that stressing the adherence of our people to our principles and national rights, and rejecting the American decision to transfer the US Embassy to occupied Jerusalem, were delivered. The speakers rejected the pressure on our people by cutting off the US aid to UNRWA, which they considered it as the living witness to our Nakba, stressing that the Palestinian people is the one who determines its leadership.

As well as, our people in the camp of "Miya w Miya" commemorated the anniversary, by a solidarity sit-in attended by representatives of the Palestinian factions and popular committees, and other one was made in the camp of Ein al-Hilweh, in which  the participants stressed on adhering to the land, ending the division and uniting efforts to face the challenges and dangers that surround our cause. They also praised the sacrifices of our people in March, which is the month of resistance, dignity, challenge, martyrdom and adherence to land.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society and the General Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists organized a sit-in in Burj Al-Barajneh camp in solidarity with our people at home. Our people also carried out mass sit-ins in the camps of Nahr el-Bared, Beddawi, Burj al-Shamali, Rashidiya, Buss, Mar Elias and the Palestinian gatherings.

Gaza and the West Bank:

On 1 March, a mass march took place in front of the UNRWA headquarter in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. The march was organized by the UNRWA staff union and the national and Islamic forces, to refuse the procedures taken by UNRWA against Refugees, in education, health and other services.

A convoy of cars took place in the Bureij refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip, in rejection to the American decision on Jerusalem and UNRWA, and because of the continued division and siege on the Gaza Strip. This came at the invitation of the youth initiative to defend the camp. The  participants raised the Palestinian flag, the Palestinian factions' banners and signs to support Jerusalem.

On 2 March, IOF arrested a young man from Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank at a military checkpoint at the entrance to the occupied city of Ramallah. According to local sources, the Israeli forces arrested "Ashraf Mohammed Jada Amro" from Jenin refugee camp, when he was passing by the entrance to Ramallah, in addition to confiscating his own vehicle while he was heading to his place of work.

On 5 March, the "Ofer' military court issued a final ruling on the Palestinian prisoner "Ruaa Abu Sal", 16 years, from al-'Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron. she was sentenced to three months in prison, and paying (1,500) shekels, while the case of her sister "Neven Abu Sal" (23) was postponed.

On 9 March, the Israeli occupation authorities released "Sami Subhi Abu Hamada" from Balata Refugee Camp, east of Nablus, after serving a 15-year sentence in Israeli jails. The Israeli occupation forces released Abu Hamada from the Negev Desert Prison, where he was received by his family and the people of the camp, who held a large celebration in front of his house in the camp, in which the flags of Palestine and pictures of prisoners and martyrs were raised.

On 12 March, "Ahmed Abu Rizq", from Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, was assaulted by settlers, which led to the destruction of his car and his injury .The family of Abu Rizk reported that Ahmad was attacked by a group of settlers south of Nablus last night. Which led to his injury, and is now lying in the Arab Specialist Hospital in Nablus to receive treatment.

On 15 March, the students and UNRWA schools' staff held a protest in the Faraa Palestinian refugee camp in the south of Tubas, in the occupied West Bank, to denounce the reduction of services provided to refugees and they raised banners calling on the US government to reverse its decision on reducing support for UNRWA.

On 16 March, hundreds of Palestinians mourned the body of martyr" Ismail Abu Riala", 18 years, in al-Shatie refugee camp, west of Gaza City. He was buried in the cemetery of Sheikh Radwan. The Israeli authorities handed over the body of Abu Riala at the Beit Hanoun checkpoint "Erez", in the northern Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, and his body was taken to Al-Shifa Medical Center. The fisherman Abu Riala was martyred on 25 February 2018 during a fishing trip in search of his livelihood in the Gaza Sea by Israeli occupation forces which opened fire on him and other fishermen, what resulted of his death and their injuries, then they detained the body of the martyr.

On 30 March, the Zionist occupation forces launched a large-scale campaign of arrests of 19 young men from Shu'fat refugee camp and the town of "Anata", northeast of Jerusalem. Sources in Jerusalem reported that Israeli occupation forces, reinforced with a team of police dogs and a reconnaissance plane, broke into the alley of Shufat refugee camp, from several sides.

On the 42th anniversary of the Land Day, which included marches in many areas in Palestine, 19 Palestinians were martyred, when fire was opened on protestors on the Gaza Strip borders. The marches included burning of tires and throwing stones, and they came within the framework of an invitation of the High Coordinating Committee for the marches of Return, calling for a peaceful Palestinian movement that begins on Friday, March 30, 2018, on the 42anniversary of the Land Day, and continues until the Nakba Day on May 15, 2018. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the martyrdom of 19 Palestinians, including three by Israeli artillery shells, while the rest were killed by bullets at the points of confrontation that extended from Rafah to Beit Hanoun passing by Khan Younis, Bureij and Gaza. The Ministry of Health also reported that more than 1,416 citizens were injured. The names of those who were martyred on the first day of the events were: "Naji Abu Hajir", "Muhammad Kamal Al-Najjar", "Wahid Nasrallah Abu Samour", "Amin Mansour Abu Muammar", "Mohammed Na'im Abu Amro", "Ahmed Ibrahim Ashour Odeh", "Jihad Ahmed "Farina" al-Frani", "Mahmoud Saadi Rahmi", "Abd al-Fattah Abd al-Nabi", " Ibrahim Salah Abu Sha'ar", "Abd al-Qader Mardi al-Hawajri", "Sari Walid Abu' Odeh", "Hamdan Isma'il Abu 'Amsha", "Jihad Zuhair Abu Jamous", "Bader Al-Sabbagh", "Omar Sammour", "Shadi Al-Kashif", "Marwan Al-Khudari".


On 5 March, "Khayro Ommah" society distributed its food aid to the Palestinian refugees in southern Turkey in the areas of Othmaniyah, Mersin , Adana, Reihaniyah, Antakya and Iskenderun, and it also distributed clothes to the orphaned children in these areas, including 70 orphans, It is noted that the Palestinian refugees displaced from Syria and Iraq to Turkey estimated at 9 thousand Palestinian refugees living mostly difficult living conditions and suffer from the lack of employment opportunities and low wages.

On 10 March, the Palestinian community and the "Palestinian house" in the Netherlands participated in the bicycle tour in the Hague, organized by the BDS movement. This symbolic tour is part of the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba and protesting the Italian bicycle marathon in May, under the supervision of the occupation authorities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

On 17 March, the Irbid refugee camp in northern Jordan witnessed a protest organized by the National Action Committee with a number of UNRWA staff against the decisions of the (UNRWA), to take austerity measures after the reduction of US support. This protest was joined by dozens of residents of the camp after UNRWA's procedures to provide cost and control expenses, as fifteen cleaning workers were dismissed from work during the past few days with a surprise decision. The protestors pointed out that this stand was part of a series of protest activities in rejection to the decision, that will continue if the agency does not respond to the workers' demands .

On 20 March, Palestinian institutions intend to establish the Palestinian American Council in the United States in Washington, the Council's members pointed out that the purpose of establishing the Council is to represent the interests of the Palestinian American community before the official and political side, on the one hand and to defend the rights of the Palestinian people and its just cause, through the political pressure and awareness-raising in the United States, on the other hand. The work to establish the Palestinian Council in the United States has begun since the middle of last year through the formation of regional councils in each region, composed of heads and representatives of Palestinian American institutions in the United States in order to coordinate and unify efforts among Palestinian organizations and figures that are active in the American arena.

On 30 March, the activist of the "Okaz" Center, Malak Bastouny, confirmed that the return marches proved the unity of the Palestinian cause and that its goal is by liberation and return, stressing that the commemoration of the Land Day confirms that the Palestinian cause is the cause of a people defending its land and fighting for liberation. That came during the Austrian Arab Cultural Center's revival of the 42nd anniversary of the immortal Day of the land, in the Austrian capital Vienna, the Palestinian activist  said that the  "the besieged Gaza Strip refuses to hand over arms and refuses to remain under the authority of security coordination with the occupation".

On 31 March, many European capitals witnessed last Saturday extensive activities to mark the anniversary of the immortal Land Day and to condemn the Israeli occupation forces' suppression of the major march of return in the Gaza Strip.

In this initial report, we review some of these activities:

London, UK

A number of solidarity activists and members of the Palestinian community in London, took part in a commemoration of the Land Day, in support of the Great March of Return. The participants raised Palestinian flags and banners supporting the Palestinian right, and condemning the suppression of the return march by the  occupation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dozens of people took part in a popular stand held at the Dam square in Amsterdam at Saturday evening, on the occasion of Land Day, and in support of the Great March of Return, at the invitation of the Palestinian home and the community in the Netherlands. Demonstrators from the Palestinian community and the Dutch solidarity activists raised Palestinian flags and pictures of the martyrs of the Great March of Return, in the Gaza Strip, stressed their commitment to the right of return to Palestine, their defense of Palestinian rights and their support for the steadfastness of the Palestinians at their land, and demanded lifting the siege on Gaza, stressing that Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian state.

Dublin, Ireland

Activists in Dublin commemorated Palestinian Land Day on Saturday, in support to the right of return. Participants raised Palestinian flags and banners supporting Palestinian rights, especially their right of return. They chanted slogans condemning the practices of the Israeli occupation forces against peaceful demonstrators in Gaza.

Belfast, Ireland

Activists in Belfast also held a similar stand on Saturday, raising Palestinian flags and banners supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and condemning the occupation.

Athens, Greece

Activists demonstrated in front of the Israeli Embassy in Athens to support the massive march of Return in Gaza Strip and to condemn the violations committed by the occupying state.


The Celtic Club of Scotland raised the Palestinian flags in the stands in solidarity with the martyrs of the Great Return march, chanting slogans supporting the rights of the Palestinian people.

Helsinki, Finland

The Association of the Palestinian Community in Finland commemorated the 42nd anniversary of the Land Immortal day, where an artist ceremony was held on the occasion. During which a number of various presentations were presented, including speeches on behalf of the Palestine Embassy in Finland and on behalf of the Palestinian Community Association . A presentation of poetry, and Palestinian folklore also were presented, in addition to writing the names of the Palestinian towns and villages to which members of the Palestinian community belong to, in the presence of a number of ambassadors and diplomats of the Arab countries accredited to Finland, a gathering of Finland citizens, and a large number of the Palestinian community and the Arab community in Finland.

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, the Palestinian National work Committee organized a mass rally on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the immortal Land Day. The festival included many artist activities and delivering some words that emphasize the adherence of our people to its legitimate national rights, foremost of which is the right to return to its land, which has been displaced from by the Zionist terrorism.


On 6 March, the Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, confirmed that the «libraries of Bahrain» in the Gaza Strip have been re-operated due to its importance and vital role for the people of the Gaza Strip. These libraries include thousands of books and their services  aren’t  limited to students of UNRWA schools only, but to a wide range of readers and intellectuals reaching hundreds of thousands of refugees.

On 12 March, thousands of students at 700 UNRWA schools across the Middle East launched kites in the sky to send a message of hope and to demand that the schools run by UNRWA, remain open, despite the financial crisis facing UNRWA. More than 500,000 students participated in the event in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank where the Agency provides education there, on a daily to a total of 525,000 children.

On 16 March, Qatar announced its donation of US $ 50 million to the (UNRWA), that is during the special ministerial meeting of the UNRAW held at the headquarter of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome. UNRWA announced earlier that it is facing increasing demand for its services because of the increasing number of registered Palestine refugees, and the degree of vulnerability of their lives and their worsening poverty.

On 20 March, UNRWA filled out the ATM card for the displaced Syrian Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. A sum of $ 100 was paid for each Palestinian refugee family from Syria and a food allowance of LL 40,000 , about(27) $ per person.


On 1 March, UNRWA announced that the Kingdom of the Netherlands provided a grant of US $ 2.3 million to support UNRWA students from Palestine refugees in Jordan coming from Syria. The donation included general maintenance work for approximately 82 school buildings including 141 schools, working on the two-time system in addition to providing school furniture and educational tools that serve the mentioned schools.

On 7 March, the (UNRWA) announced that the Japanese Government donated $ 23.5 million to it. UNRWA indicated that $ 600,000 of the total donation will be allocated to support the education of Palestinian refugee children affected by the conflict in Syria, and $ 19 million for UNRWA's main program in education , health care and to improve the living conditions of a total of 5.3 million refugees from Palestine, throughout UNRWA’s operating regions.

The Italian Government provided the (UNRWA) with € 1 million in response to the emergency appeal for Syria, launched by the Agency last 2017. The grant is to support and follow-up the education of Palestinian refugee children in the country which witnessing a war since 7years. The Italian grant will cover the costs of operating 14 safe places of learning that will provide academic, psychological and social support to children who are exposed daily to the ongoing conflict, which has had a significant impact on schoolchildren. This donation will help cover students' remedial courses to compensate them for their lessons they lost during the displacement of many children and their families, which forced them to change their schools and lose years of studying at the same time.

On 14 March, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, Stefan Dujarric, announced a donation of $ 30 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to urgently support Palestinian refugees through UNRWA. Dujarric said in the daily press briefing: «The Coordinator of Operations of Emergency Relief » Mark Lockock, announced that $ 30 million will be provided by the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to support Palestinian refugees through UNRWA urgently, adding, that an exceptional grant of $ 15 million would enable UNRWA to avoid cutting off food aid for Refugees in the occupied Palestinian territories; where more than 2.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

On 22 March,  Kuwait's ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij, handed over $ 2 million, financial support to the UNRWA, in the framework of Kuwait's annual contribution. The official Kuwaiti news agency, quoted Al-Duaij as  assuring that the Kuwaiti leadership is keen to support the Palestinians through various official and popular bodies, and saying that: «this Kuwaiti contribution has been going on since years to support the activities and programs of UNRWA in the human development and relief of Palestinian refugees in the region and alleviate their humanitarian suffering».

The Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem, Fabio Sokolowicz, signed a general convention under which Italy would donate € 2 million to support the programs of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). Director of UNRWA's External Relations and Communications Department, Francois Fagni and the representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Jerusalem, Christina Natoli, participated in the signing of the convention.

The donation is intended to support UNRWA's vocational training, job creation and training graduates, as well as gender equality in Agency schools in the occupied West Bank. (1.35) million euros from the total amount of donation will be allocated to support UNRWA initiatives to generate short-term job opportunities and provide alternative third educational opportunities through its 2018 vocational training centers in Gaza.

Political :

On 8 March, the Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization (NADA) organized a workshop in the camp of Sayeda Zeinab with the participation of representatives of Palestinian women's organizations and those interested in women's issues. Comrade "Duha Hameed' welcomed the participants and greeted the entire Palestinian feminist movement. The workshop addressed the following topics:

1)      A presentation of the preamble to the CEDAW Convention

2)      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3)      The International Covenants on Human Rights

4)      States ratifying the Convention

5)      The articles contained in the Convention, which highlight the rights of women and demand the elimination of all forms of discrimination against them and ensure equality. The dialogues and discussions concluded to the need to expand the work of workshops and seminars that address the issues and rights of women by all organizations , institutions and bodies that address women's issues , which can enhance and develop the role and status of women in society and promote the representation of women in Palestinian institutions, organizations and parties.

On 9 March, the Palestinian Women Development Society revived the International Women's Day, in a public festival entitled "March 8, a symbol of the struggle of women" in the hall of the Palestinian Cultural Center in Al-Buss camp for Palestinian refugees south of Tire. In the festival, which was attended by a number of representatives of the factions and the popular committees in the Tire area , the camp UNRWA director and representatives of NGOs and federations, the participants praised the role of women. Also paintings inspired by the occasion, for children of the Club of Al-Mahabba, and a video presentation that embodies the role of women in all areas in which they participate, were presented.

The Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization (NADA) held a workshop with the participation of a number of women's organizations and those interested. Comrade  Nareeman Abu Nasser, the coordinator of the Bisan Committee at the Al-Keswa Gathering, welcomed the attendees and pointed to the meanings and indications of International Women's Day and then made a detailed presentation of the CEDAW agreement and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which dealt with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that  affirms the inadmissibility of discrimination and dealt with the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and the States ratifying the Convention. She also addressed the 30 articles of the Convention which guarantee the rights of women and call for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against them, then the discussions and dialogues concluded with the following results:

The necessity of combining all efforts among all concerned parties on women's issues in order to highlight the role and status of women in society, and to work to preserve, develop and strengthen this role, and stressing on the importance of enhancing the representation of women in Palestinian institutions, parties and factions.

On 10 March, the Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization (Nada) in the Homs camp held a workshop in which Comrade "Intizar Gharizi" paid tribute to the Palestinian women and the Arab and international women's movement and presented a detailed presentation on the CEDAW agreement on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, and she focused on the need to enhance the representation of women in all Palestinian parties , organizations and institutions and the need to make a global task for the release of female prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist occupation, especially mothers.

On 17 March,  the Democratic Front in Sweden concludes its forty-ninth anniversary with a political reception at the headquarter of the Left Party in Malmö, attended by a crowd of representatives of the city's political parties, including: the Left Party, the Iraqi Communist Party, the Sudanese Communist Party and representatives of civil society organizations such as "a boat to Gaza", "BDS" and dozens of comrades, members of the Front, led by Comrade Saleh Zaidan member of the Political Bureau of the Front.

The Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization (NADA), in "Rukn El-Din" organized a workshop entitled "Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women" with the participation of representatives of Palestinian women's organizations and those interested in women's issues. Comrade "Mervat Shaba'ani" welcomed the participants and greeted the Palestinian general Feminist Movement.

On 21 March, a delegation from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and its Women's Union visited the women's labor union in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on the Mother's Day. The delegation included the member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front "Talal Abo Zarifa", the member of the Central Command "Nahed Qrinawi" and the leadership of the Union headed by "Hanaa Abu Dugaim". The working mother was honored by presenting her certificates in a sense of loyalty to mothers on their national and humanitarian role and in supporting the Palestinian national cause. In the same context, the Democratic Front and the Women's Union, in the presence of "Talal Abu Zarifa", "Nahd Al-Qrinawi", and the official of the Union of Women official in the Gaza Strip, "Areej Al-Ashqar" honored the mothers of martyrs and prisoners in a mass rally in the Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. The ceremony began with the word of the Union's official in Al-Maghazi, "Hanan Mushrif", which greeted all Palestinian mothers as the spring of giving and struggle, and the mothers of the martyrs and the wounded on Mother's Day.

On 24 March, the Palestinian Women Development Society in Beddawi camp in North Lebanon organized a day of solidarity with the Palestinian camps in Syria and the Palestinian refugees displaced to Lebanon. The ceremony, which was supported by Oxfam and the European Union, was attended by representatives of Palestinian factions and popular committees and civil society institutions and a crowd of camp residents and displaced from the camps in Syria, and also Oxfam and Utopia Foundations. The participants stressed the need for UNRWA to continue its humanitarian and relief duties towards the Palestinian families from Syria. They called on the concerned in UNRWA and international organizations to assist the Palestinian refugees displaced    from Syria camps and provide their livelihood with dignity until securing the safe return to all camps in Syria.