Pictures posted on social media networks show a group of Israeli settlers standing at military watchtowers overseeing Gaza borders, laughing and cheering as Israeli snipers gun down peaceful protesters.

In snapshots taken from Nahal Oz settlement, east of the blockaded Gaza Strip, and published on Twitter by Israel’s Channel 2 correspondent, Israeli settlers appear to bust into hysterical laughter as unarmed protesters on the Gaza border are fatally shot and injured by the Israeli military.

The correspondent commented on the pictures as follows: “The best show in the country ever. . . Nahal Oz settlers standing on the hillside”.

The photos sparked widespread condemnation on social media.

The Middle East Monitor newspaper said the pictures come at a time when the Palestinians have been striving to heal their wounds after 35 were killed and thousands wounded in Israeli aggressions on the Great March of Return protests.

The newspaper also said that Israeli occupation forces used strange and unknown gases against unarmed, peaceful protesters on Gaza borders. Unmanned drones were used to drop the gas on the demonstrators. The gases caused protesters’ bodies to convulse and tremble. Many lost consciousness.