All the way through the Great March of Return, which has entered its third week, Palestinian women have taken part in all protest events as thousands have taken to the streets to speak up for the refugees’ right of return to their motherland.

Raising the Palestinian flag, handing over bottles of water to the thirsty masses, treating injured protesters, warning of imminent aggressions, and pushing anti-occupation youth to stand on guard to the Israeli attacks, Palestinian women and girls have played vital roles throughout the Great March of Return rallies.

In live snapshots taken by PIC on-the-spot photographers and reporters, Palestinian young ladies and elderly women emerge from the heart of the heavy smokes wrought by the teargas canisters and gunfire randomly discharged by the Israeli army toward protesters east of Khan Younis province, in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Groups of women also appear to accompany their husbands, brothers, and/or sons as they take out to Gaza’s border, standing up for the refugees’ right of return.

The crimes and violations committed by the Israeli military against the protesters have not, in any way, dampened the spirits of Palestinian women; they have rather made them more eager to take the lion’s share in the anti-occupation struggle.

In a symbolic gesture, young girls appear to fill bottles of water as soon as they are emptied, in a gesture epitomizing their full-of-life energy and optimism.

Women have been part and parcel of the daily hit-and-run scenes, standing by the side of men in their struggle to retrieve their land and right.

Nowhere else can such women and girls be found but in Palestine.