The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) on Monday said that prisoner Mu'tasem Raddad has started to suffer from severe anemia.

The PPS said in a press statement that Raddad, 34, a resident of Tulkarem, suffers from acute intestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties and other problems in the nerves and bones.

Raddad told the PPS lawyer who visited him at Ramla prison clinic that he had undergone medical tests at the Israeli hospital Tel Hashomer and is still waiting for the results.

Raddad added that he is suffering from pains and blisters due to a viral disease that has affected his hands and feet due to his weak immune system.

The Palestinian detainee is sentenced to 20 years in jail. He spent 12 years of them. His health condition is one of the most difficult cases in Ramla prison as he needs regular and intensive treatment.

There are six disabled prisoners among 18 Palestinians languishing in Ramla prison clinic.