The  member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Ali Faisal, called on the Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil to retreat from his positions on the Palestinian refugees , considering them as a violation to : international norms and laws , the Charter and decisions of the Arab League and the Lebanese commitments, to preserve the legal personality of the Palestinian refugees and their national identity, for which they have made expensive sacrifices and thousands of martyrs and detainees and they are still fighting for it.

This position came in statements to a number of media on the Bassil speech at the Rome conference in support of UNRWA, in which he called on UNRWA to write off the names of the refugees , who do not reside permanently in Lebanon or who have other nationalities , in order to alleviate the burden on UNRWA,

Faisal said that the writing off tens thousands of refugees records, is a direct violation to their national identity , affiliation and legitimate rights, especially their right of return, which is not consistent with the common Lebanese Palestinian interest, because this would weaken the struggle of the refugees for the right of return and facing the projects of displacement and resettlement.

Faisal also hoped that Bassil to call on the international community and the participants in the Rome conference to provide a permanent and adequate budget to ensure the health, education and relief needs of the refugees and to provide the necessary funds for the reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared camp, also working to approve the human rights of the Palestinians in Lebanon to support the steadfastness of the refugees in the face of American and Israeli blackmail policy, aimed at the liquidation of the Palestinian rights and issue, foremost  is the right of return and the establishment of the Palestinian state on all occupied territories in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital.

Faisal called for dealing with the issue of Palestinian refugees as a national, political and humanitarian issue, not just a matter of numbers. This requires correcting the perception that they are a brotherly people, not a burden, and they  are productive forces that contribute to the Lebanese GDP, equivalent to 11% of the effort of residents and those forced to work outside Lebanon, because of the lack of employment opportunities.

Faisal said: From the nationalist brotherhood and from the position of the people adhering to its national identity and its right to return and on the basis of what was produced by the dialogues of the Lebanese parties and the Palestinian dialogue committee, we call for a formal Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue to organize the Palestinian-Lebanese relations on political, economic, legal and security grounds to draw up a joint work plan to achieve the right of return, and to drop resettlement and displacement projects.

He at last warned against harming the national and social identity of the Palestinian people, because this is considered an infringement to the fate of the refugees and their return, and this is what America and Israel are seeking in the framework of the deal of the century , aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause.