The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Tuesday closed a house in Qabatia town south of Jenin owned by the family of a Palestinian prisoner accused of being involved in an anti-occupation attack in October 2017.

The IOF sealed the family house of prisoner Yousuf Kmeil by pouring large amounts of concrete inside it making it uninhabitable under the pretext that Kmeil had participated in an attack in which an Israeli settler was killed.

Local sources told a news agency reporter that the IOF stormed the town accompanied by six cement mixers that later filled two rooms of the targeted house with cement.

The IOF a few days ago raided the area and took photos of the house and its surroundings in preparation for the closure.

Several months ago, the IOF demolished the house of Kmeil's partner, prisoner Mohammed Abu al-Rub, who was accused of killing an Israeli settler in Kafr Qasim in October 2017.

A news agency reporter said, quoting local sources, that violent clashes broke out in Qabatia following the closure operation between dozens of Palestinian youths and the IOF soldiers who heavily fired live bullets and tear gas canisters