A video on social media sites showing the Israeli flag raised as the Israeli national anthem is being aired during an international judo competition held in Agadir city in Morocco has sparked widespread condemnation among the Moroccan people.

Nine Judo players and a six-member delegation representing Israel participated in an international judo tournament hosted by Morocco.

Saleh al-Malouki, mayor of Agadir, said that he had no information about the countries participating in the competition and that he was surprised seeing an Israeli team taking part, pointing out that his position on normalization with Israel is known and clear.

Ahmad Wayhman, the head of the Moroccan Monitor Against Normalization, described the Israeli presence in the competition as "unprecedented scandal", saying that what happened was a blatant disregard for the feelings of the Moroccan people who completely reject normalization.

About 15 Moroccan associations in Agadir city condemned in a statement the Israeli delegation's participation in this sports event and called for fighting against normalization will all possible means.

The Justice and Development Youth movement called for expelling Israel's representatives from Morocco immediately and renewed its call on the Moroccan parliament to enact a law that criminalizes all forms of normalization with Israel.