The Legislative Council member, Qais Abdul Karim, Deputy Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said : " We are waiting for the draft budget to be transferred to the Legislative Council and the parliamentary blocs in order to discuss its details" , adding that:" It is supposed to be checked by the Legislative Council before presenting it to the president. "

This comes after the government has approved the general draft budget for 2018 and referred it to President Mahmoud Abbas for approval and Issuing it in accordance with the rules and with the text of the government statement, where the members of the Council said, that according to these rules, the general draft budget first must be  introduced to the parliamentary blocks and lists then to adopt their recommendations, after that to be  presented to the President.

The government has approved the general budget and is still awaiting for approval by the President. However, the draft budget has received many criticisms, most notably the massive spending on security "340 million shekels" per month, which burdens the budget, at the expense of agriculture, health and education, in addition to the absence of any reference to the implementation of the decisions of the Central Council , especially the disengagement from the occupation, not to mention other criticisms about the lack of seriousness of the government in dealing with the file of ending the division .

It is worthy to mention that the budget amounts to five billion dollars, while the funding gap is about five hundred million dollars.