Radi Rahim, a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), coordinator of the Palestinian Refugee and UNRWA affairs at the Front in Syria, called to consider  the UNRWA's financial deficit  seriously, as it occurs in a statement by Adnan Abu Hasna, media spokesman for UNRWA , due to the seriousness effects of this growing deficit on UNRWA services to millions of Palestinian refugees.

Rahim said in a statement , that the disruption of UNRWA's services would affect  530 thousand students in its schools, and the situations of five million and three hundred thousand Palestinian refugees who are relying on its assistance.

According to the information provided in Abu Hasna's statement, the monetary deficit has amounted to half a billion dollars, including  350 million dollars, as a result of freezing  US aid to the Agency, and 150 million have been deferred since 2017.

Radi Rahim also added that the deficit is a clear sign of a project aimed at draining UNRWA's funding, emptying it of its content, disrupting its projects and programs and turning it into an empty structure to pressure on Palestinian refugees to accept transferring  their services to the Arab host countries, and accept the alternative solutions for the right of return to the homes and properties that they have been displaced from, since 1948. 

He concluded his statement  by asserting that millions of Palestinian refugees, alongside with all the Palestinian people, will not surrender, neither to hunger nor to the financial blockade of UNRWA, and they will not surrender to the projects of canceling  the right to return, and their banner is: " Our national rights and dignity are not for sale and they are priceless".