Ramallah - The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in Ramallah and Al-Bireh (Western Branch), held its regular party conference with participation of a number of DFLP's leaders, led by Qais Abdul Karim (Abu Leila), Deputy Secretary General of DFLP, Ramzi Rabah, member of the Political Bureau of DFLP, Abdullah al-Maqin, the secretary of the Branch, and 'Ayed Samhan, the secretary of East Ramallah's Branch, in addition to the delegates who have been elected by 43 basic, sectorial and geographical conferences.

The conference began with a minute of silence for the martyrs, then the quorum for the conference has been validated, which was 77% of the members of conference. The presidency of the conference was elected, including Elham Sami, Mahmoud Nimr, Akram Barghouthi, Abdullah Al Maken and Khalid Abdul Hay.

At the opening session, MP Qais Abdul Karim (Abu Leila) delivered a comprehensive speech in which he reviewed the stormy political developments witnessed by our national cause and the region as a whole, following the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of occupying state, in addition to the repercussions of complementary Israeli decisions and actions that have been resulted by this decision and aimed at eliminating the Palestinian national cause through canceling the issues of Jerusalem, refugees, settlements and borders from the negotiations, and imposing limited administrative autonomy which is subjected to the occupation as a formula for a final solution.

Abu Leila said that the Palestinian Central Council is before a historic, national and fateful entitlement, therefore; the Council must make clear and concrete decisions, first and foremost, to acknowledge the failure of Oslo Accords and the failure of betting on the inefficient negotiations conducted by exclusive American sponsorship apart from the resolutions of the United Nations and international legitimacy, and all its repercussions including; cancelling the recognition of Israel, discontinuing the security coordination, getting released from all restrictions imposed by unfair conventions, re-formulating the role of PA in the way that its role is focused on strengthening the steadfastness of the people in its struggle against the occupation and its policies, and embarking on the implementation of the sovereignty of Palestinian State in all aspects of Palestinian life.

Abu Leila added: "The balance of power is seriously unbalanced in favor of the occupation, which is absolutely supported by the US administration, but our people and its forces are able to modify the balance of power in our favor through the popular resistance, the comprehensive intifada, using all the available possibilities of international law, supporting the recognition of the state of Palestine, prosecuting Israeli war criminals and re-examining all the commitments which have been imposed by the conventions, in the way that makes the occupation expensive for the occupiers, and ultimately forcing them to recognize the need for a new political process on the basis of international legitimacy and the recognition of national rights of Palestinian people.

He stressed that the priorities that should be provided, are restoring national unity, ending the division, cancelling all decisions and actions that have been resulted by the division, including the recent sanctions imposed on Gaza Strip, reforming the frameworks and structures of PLO, renewing its structure, forming a government of national unity and immediate implementation of the decisions of national dialogue.

The conference of Ramallah's Branch was concluded with the election of a new branch committee, consisting of 19 members and the election of the Branch's delegates to the Sixth Conference of the Palestinian Bank and Jerusalem which is scheduled on 30/01/2018.