DUBAI: The Saudi-led Arab coalition destroyed an operations room and weapons caches of the Iran-back Houthi terrorists’ in the Yemeni province of Al-Bayda, south of the capital Sanaa, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

In a statement published on the Yemeni Armed Forces site “26 September,” a source in the area said that coalition fighters targeted the Houthi headquarters in Al-Qurayshiyat province, where the terrorists’ operations room and weapons caches were destroyed.

Coalition fighters also launched another raid on Joumaida where the terrorists were stationed, targeting a tank and other weapons.

The source pointed out that Yemeni army and the Popular Resistance forces foiled an attack by the terrorists on positions in the area of ​​Aishar Directorate of Nata.

Another source on the ground also said the Yemeno forces liberated the areas of Mount Sadah and Shaab Maour and Malih in the Directorate of Nata after clashes with the terrorists, where several Houthi elements were killed and injured.