A Political Note

From  the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

To the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization

[Session 14 - 15/1/2018 Ramallah]

Mr. Salim Zaanoun, President of the Palestinian National Council

Brothers and sisters, members of the Central Council

"Greetings of the Intifada of Jerusalem and Freedom"


The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) is submitting to you and the public opinion this note, as a contribution from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine for the success of the work of the Central Council session.


An introduction:

President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer his country's embassy has put us before an aggressive American policy, that penetrates the positions, opens the way for the Israeli side, to achieve its political project, at the expense of the legitimate national rights of our people, and support it economically, diplomatically and with arms, while continuing to exert pressure on the Palestinian situation, either through the conditions imposed by the American envoy, Jason Greenblatt, or through the decision to override the issues of the so-called "permanent solution", such as Jerusalem, refugees, borders and settlements, to impose the fait accompli on everyone and create the political scene, in front of the Israeli side, to take rapid steps, that fall in the same context. Including the decision to build one million settlement apartments, including 300 thousand in Jerusalem, to flood the Palestinian and Jerusalem with more than five million settlers within ten years, as well as the so-called enabling of the unity of Jerusalem , in addition to the application of Israeli law on the settlements and the division of the West Bank into three cantons( northern- middle- southern) and last but not least, the decision of the Likud Center to annex the entire West Bank to Israel.


Thus, we find ourselves in front of the "deal of the century", promised by Trump and his new administration, and a permanent and final solution, that the United States, alone in cooperation with Israel, are trying to draw its gradual steps, to impose it on us , as Palestinians, and on the whole Arab states.


Therefore, the danger that is arising, is not limited to Jerusalem alone, but rather touches upon the entire Palestinian national cause, and the legitimate national rights of our people, not only the Palestinian file, but also the entire Arab region, in a brutal American policy aims at subordinating all of us to American influence allied with the Israeli colonial expansionist influence .


The American decision came to give a shot of mercy to the Oslo project, which its absurd and futile negotiations on the Palestinian side, have lasted for almost a quarter of a century, which has made a cover for the land looting, and the expansion of settlement projects, besides the Judaization of Jerusalem, turning thousands of our people into prisoners , destroying our economy, weakening the Palestinian Authority and the policy of killing the citizens of our children in cold blood under the pretext of combating terrorism, in addition to imposing an unjust siege on our people in the Gaza Strip, waging bloody wars against its people from time to time, destroying its neighborhoods, camps, and infrastructure and turning it into a place that lacks to the humanitarian conditions for decent living.


1.The National unity and national institutions


These strategic developments assume:

   To reconsider, and to have the courage to conduct an explicit review for the political strategy, adopted by the Palestinian official leadership [ which is based on the bilateral negotiations under the exclusive auspices of the United States and outside the resolutions and sponsorship of international legitimacy and its umbrella, and without a binding time frame] as the only option, and to admit its failure and retreat from it and not to return to its known foundations, conditions and mechanisms.


 To reconsider the leadership style of the political process and the rest of the files of the national cause, which has adopted the policy of exclusivity in the decision, the policy of marginalization of institutions, as in the case of the Executive Committee, or disabling them and suspending their decisions and not implementing them, as is the case of our Central Council, which its last session was on 5/3/2015, and its which are still pending, or, as in the case of our National Council, which was its last meeting was in 1996.


Our approach to a serious, frank and courageous review is to re-examine the internal national relations that, due to the destructive division and the policy of unilateralism, have undermined the foundations of national unity and the principles of partnership.


Our national unity is our entrance to the formulation of a political strategy that elevates to the level of serious events, facing our cause and people and without a cohesive national unity based on coalition and participatory foundations, that re-consider the Palestinian national institutions from the Executive Committee, to the Central Council, to the National Council, any decisions and strategies agreed upon will remain subject to suspension on the shelf, as the decisions of the Central Council session on 5/3/2015.


Therefore, we call upon the Central Council, to assume its responsibilities , carry out the required review for the experience of the Palestinian national institutions, including the experience of the Preparatory Committee for the Palestinian National Council, which was held in Beirut a year ago, and its decisions are still inoperable and to make the necessary and binding decisions, that enable us to build a solid national unity, based on Principles of National Coalition, Democratic Partnership and Respect for Institutions.

In this context, it is necessary to call on " the Committee for the Activation and Development of the PLO" , as a body, that constitutes the national umbrella framework, to draw up the foundations and mechanisms of this unity and its program and to resume preparations for the organization of comprehensive, presidential and legislative elections for the legislative and national councils, according to the system of full proportional representation.


2. In the political strategy


We do not add anything new if we reiterate that the Oslo project has reached its end and assured its bankruptcy. Our Central Council, on 5/3/2015, reached the same conclusion and accordingly took its decisions, which unfortunately are still pending. Then, the decisions of Trump and Netanyahu's government, came as further evidence of the validity of this conclusion. Therefore, we call upon our Central Council to adopt a new and alternative struggling strategy, that stems from our being, first and foremost, a national liberation movement for a people under occupation, struggling for its right to freedom, independence, return, self-determination and salvation from occupation and settlement.


We call for the adoption of the following resolutions in the framework of the new and alternative political strategy:

1) Declaring the disengagement from Oslo Accords and all their obligations.

2) The Withdrawal of recognition of Israel.

3) Stopping the security coordination with the occupation completely.

4) Disengaging from the Israeli economy, including the withdrawal of Palestinian labor from Israeli settlement projects, and stop dealing with the Israeli Shekel in favor of alternative solutions.

5) Providing the political protection for the heroic popular uprising and the "Intifada of Jerusalem and freedom", and to provide elements of support for it and developing it towards a coprehensive popular uprising on the path of turning it into a national disobedience and popular resistance against the occupation.

6) Terminating the bilateral negotiations with the Israeli side, under the exclusive auspices of the United States, and stop making illusions about the possibility of restoring the only American role in one way or another.

7) Requesting the active membership of the State of Palestine, in the General Assembly of the United Nations, under the terms of "United for Peace" under resolution 19/67, which granted observer membership to the State of Palestine, on June 4th 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, and resolving the refugee issue under resolution 194, which guaranteed their right of return.

8) Calling for an international conference to resolve the Palestinian question, under the auspices of the United Nations and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council under the resolutions of international legitimacy, that guaranteed our people its legitimate national rights to self-determination, independence and sovereignty and the right of return.

9) Requesting an international protection for our people, our land and our Jerusalem, against occupation and settlement.

10) Referring the Israeli war crimes to the International Criminal Court and to activate complaints against the perpetrators, including settlement files, prisoners, the siege of the Gaza Strip, the aggressive wars against it and the killings against our people in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories.

11) Working to restore the population and land registries from the civil administration of the occupation, as a form of restoration of the lost Palestinian sovereignty.

 12) Affirming the national and moral commitment, guaranteeing  the rights of the prisoners , supporting their struggles behind bars until the sun of freedom rises, and guaranteeing the rights of the wounded, the disabled and the families of the martyrs.

13) Reformulating the structure of the PA, its social program and its economic plans to serve the new and alternative political strategy, including supporting the steadfastness of the poor and those with limited income in the cities, villages and camps, in their struggle against occupation and settlement, in the context of the popular uprising.


3. Jerusalem


1) The formation of the unified national reference for the city of Jerusalem, on a coalition basis, that leads the field struggle of our people against the occupation and the policy of annexation, Judaization and Israelization , and for the national character of the capital of our Palestinian state.

2) Providing the necessary financial budgets to support the institutions and NGOs in Jerusalem in the various, cultural, social, educational, educational, municipal fields and other.

3) Providing support for the Jerusalem economy under the Israeli siege and the disruption of the daily work of merchants, craftsmen and others, due to the political crises experienced by the city.


4.The refugee issue and the right of return


* Having a clear strategy about the adherence to the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties, which they have abandoned since 1948 and rejecting all alternative projects, which requires:

A) Enabling the Department of Refugee Affairs, developing its role and arming it with plans , in favor of the issues of the camps of our people in all areas of its existence.

B) Strengthening the relationship between the Refugee Affairs Department and the civil and social institutions in the camps, in Jerusalem, the Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip and the Diaspora.

C) Safeguarding the interests of camps' residents in the host countries, including the right to work, have properties and political work in the Palestinian national frameworks, at home and abroad, and providing a special support to refugees in Syria and Lebanon, and resolving their various issues.

D) Responding to the attempts of sieging the UNRWA siege, and drying up its resources and refusing to reconsider the mandate given to it by calling for the reconsideration of the definition of the refugee.


5. At the Arab, Islamic and international levels


Under the emphasis that the «deal of the century» is not only dangerous to the Palestinian national issue, but to all the Arab situation without exception, we call on the Central Council to adopt the following policies:

1) Strengthening the relations with the Arab popular movement and the movement of Muslim peoples in the face of the "Deal of the Century" and pressuring on their governments to shoulder their national and moral responsibilities towards the Palestinian cause and the national interest of their peoples, including resisting all forms of political, economic and other normalization with the Israeli enemy.

2) Calling upon the Arab and Muslim countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Israel, close their Israeli missions where they exist, and stop all forms of public or un-public  normalization with Israel.

3) Calling for boycotting the countries that transfer their embassies to Jerusalem.

4) Calling on Arab and Muslim countries to provide the necessary support to enable the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to withstand in the face of US and Israeli pressure and in the battle for liberation from occupation, including supporting the Palestinian NGOs and institutions in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Bank , Gaza Strip and the Palestinian refugee camps.

5) Strengthening the relationship with the friendly and peace-loving countries that voted in the UN Security Council and in the United Nations General Assembly against Trump's decision, and supporting the international boycott against Israel (B.D.S).

6) Developing the relationship with the Palestinian communities in Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean where possible, which requires enabling the role of the Department of expatriate affairs and not to interfere with it and remove obstacles in front of it.


We salute our steadfast people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and in the areas of refuge and exile, in its honorable position, in defense of Jerusalem, the capital of its independent state, its land and the sovereignty of its independent state, and in defense of the right or refugees to return to their homes and properties.

And a special tribute to our prisoners in the occupation prisons

And a tribute of respect to the martyrs

Long live the PLO , the legitimate and sole representative of our Palestinian people

Long live the independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital


                                                                                                                                             The Political Bureau

                              Of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine