Several Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in abduction sweeps rocking the West Bank at predawn Sunday.

The Israeli army claimed responsibility for the abduction of 15 Palestinians on allegations of involvement in anti-occupation activities.

The IOF wreaked havoc on civilian homes and aggressively beat several arrestees in the presence of their family members.

Reporting from the northern West Bank, a news agency reporter said the occupation forces kidnapped 26-year-old Islam Samar from Jenin’s western town of Yamon after they ravaged his family home.

The IOF also seized surveillance cameras from a Palestinian home in Mesliya town, in Jenin.

Clashes burst out Rumana town, west of Jenin, after the IOF rolled into the area and sealed off its main thoroughfare with a military checkpoint. Several Palestinians choked on teargas in the clashes.

At the same time, the occupation army has tightened grip around Nablus province allegedly in the hunt for the perpetrator of an anti-occupation attack which left an Israeli dead last week.

According to the locals, a series of checkpoints have been set up by the IOF on the main access roads to the city, blocking civilians’ access out of and into the area.

Traffic jams have flared up on Nablus-Qalqilya road, Nablus al-Jadida-Madama, and Burin-Hawara, among other thoroughfares, as a result of the closure.

Overnight, occupation soldiers rummaged residential neighborhoods in quest of surveillance cameras