The spokesman for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) lauded the positions of France, Britain and the United Nations envoy, in condemning the decisions, taken by the Israeli occupation authorities, to build more than 1,100 housing units in 20 different settlements throughout the occupied Palestinian Bank, particularly the construction of seven facilities, some of these facilities and settlement units will be built in the settlement of "Netiv Haavot", which is a settlement outpost ,that the Israeli Supreme Court approved the evacuation of it in March 2018.

The spokesman also lauded these positions, which considered that the settlement is contrary to the international law, constitutes a violation to Resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council, which was issued at the end of 2016 , by the consensus of its members, and it threatens the peace and security in the region.

The spokesman called ,Europe, Britain and the United Nations to build on  their positions  regarding  settlement  and to move towards practical and effective pressure on the occupation authorities , which will play the required role in supporting the Palestinian people's struggle for its legitimate right to get rid of the occupation , and the establishment of  its sovereign and independent national state, with East Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of 4th of June 1967, and resolving the issue of Palestinian refugees under Resolution 194, which guarantees them the right to return to their homes and properties .

The spokesman concluded its statement ,by calling on the Palestinian official leadership, to build on this positive development in the international position, whether in the UN Security Council, or in the General Assembly of the United Nations by rejecting the Trump administration decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel , condemning the settlement and internationalizing the issue of settlement, through submitting it to international forums at the United Nations and in the International Criminal Court, as settlement, looting of the land, the judaization of Jerusalem and the violations of the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy , constitute a war crime and a crime against humanity and puts Israel in the ranks of rogue states.