The Israeli occupation authority prevented last week 13 Palestinian passengers from traveling through Allenby (King Hussein) border crossing with Jordan.

According to the Palestinian Authority (PA) police on Saturday, the passengers were denied travel by the Israeli side for unexplained security reasons.

However, over 51,000 Palestinian and foreign passengers were able to travel through the crossing during the week.

During the same period, 44 passengers, some of them already banned from travel, were also apprehended for legal reasons by the PA police as they were trying to leave the West Bank through the crossing or upon their arrival.

Most of the detainees have unsettled cases still dealt with by the PA legal authorities in the West Bank, according to the police.

Allenby crossing also known as al-Karama is a bridge that spans the Jordan River and connects the West Bank with Jordan.

The bridge is the sole designated exit and entry point for West Bank Palestinians traveling in and out of the Israeli occupied territories