DHAKA: The use of two robots as waiters in a Dhaka restaurant is causing much excitement and amusement among customers and residents.

 I can’t believe my eyes — human-like robots are serving me food!” said Shahrin, 9.

The Mexwel Robot Restaurant, located near the prime minister’s official residence, was opened at a joint ceremony with HZX Electronic Technology Co., the Chinese manufacturer of the robots.

On the opening day, some 300 customers were served. “We’re getting food as well as fun with the robots,” said customer Rehana Begum.

The robots have in their memory a sketch of the restaurant interior, with the tables identified by numbers.

 We have one male and one female robot. We’re yet to name them,” Rahin Raiyan, director of the restaurant, told Arab News. “Each robot cost us around $10,000.”

The restaurant can serve 100 people at a time. “Our main goal is to make this unique initiative sustainable by serving good-quality food,” said Raiyan.