Back News Palestine Abbas advisor: Al-Masri remarks rude

Abbas advisor: Al-Masri remarks rude

Abbas advisor: Al-Masri remarks rude

BETHLEHEM – President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor Nimir Hammad on Friday evening reacted angrily to remarks by Hamas official Musheer al-Masri against Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Hammad described the remarks as “rude” and an attempt to block reconciliation.

Speaking to Ma’an, Hammad said that “to say the least, Musheer al-Masri’s remarks were rude and very poisonous and could impede the reconciliation process.”

It is weird, added Hammad, that al-Masri accuses Abbas, the PA and Arab security leaders of plotting against Gaza while everybody knows, Hamas in particular, that a group within Hamas is opposing the Doha agreement and exerting efforts to prevent reconciliation.

Commenting on the fuel crisis, Abbas’ advisor cited two reasons.

The first, he said, is Israel's siege imposed on the enclave, and the other reason is that Hamas leaders wish to continue trade in smuggling tunnels, so they can make money for their own interests.

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